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Vintage Review

Vintage 2017


Yikes it was cold. We had below average temps in Dec, Jan and Feb which meant late and extended flowering and fruit set. Then we got some significant rain events in March but thankfully the delayed physiological stage meant the good fruit could hang through. 

The vigilant growers dropped crop too to ensure lighter yields would fully ripen in cool conditions and this, combined with open canopies, helped combat the significant disease pressure of a tough ripening season. 

Crisp green characters and citrus flavours are a hallmark of the cooler 2017 vintage. 


Vintage 2018

 Gosh what a contrast to V17. Beautifully warm spring conditions delivered very favourable flowering and fruit set promising about average yields despite low bunch numbers. 

A smoking January was the hottest on record followed by record rainfall in Feb (ugh) and three cyclones. Frig. The intense wet meant the vines grew like triffids and disease pressure was enormous.  Growers were constantly mowing and trimming as well as thinning, spraying and praying. The early warmth saw lower acids but also flavours leading Brix so we could pick on taste rather than numbers - a godsend. This is the season where viticultural vigilance is king. Long live genuine grower partnerships. 

 Interestingly the majority of C/O fruit was picked before the Marlborough harvest started.  Bizarre.