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Vintage 2015 Update

Posted by on 2015-04-07 09:24:45

Greetings from the sky maybe? Have just left CO and flying to Blen via Wellington. It feels so mean to fly past my destination then have to catch another plane back there. Anyway that's just how it is. As is having my cornflakes and peppermint tea by myself on Easter Sunday. Sigh.


We are well in to Marlborough harvest, in fact by mid-week we will be finished. Which is fortunate because this good weather can't surely last. Can it??


CO will kick off in earnest this coming week. I think. I picked a part block on Saturday (it's my conservative  hedging strategy) just to see how it looked and it came off well so I'll do a bit more picking this coming week.


Acids have been slow to drop which is really surprising given the warm season.  Lots about this season has been surprising though and I am undecided yet as to wether this is good-surprising or bad-surprising.


Anyway it's good to be into it and I look forward to showing it to you later on.


Cheers and beers,



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