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Central Otago

Posted by on 2014-02-12 20:29:00

Central Otago name

Hey All,

Just flying back from a great day in CO today when the Captain kindly pointed out the top of Mt Cook out the window so now you can see it too. He's a bit desperate for viewable icons with loads of cloud and some rain in the South (I think they might have to flag a minimum of two per leg to meet KPIs) so its not quite postcard-worthy.

It gave me great pleasure to point out to Domenic that I left a sunny day in Akl when he accused me of bringing the rain to Central today.  So despite the drizzle and cool temps I wandered round the Mondillo Riesling block with him and his enthusiasm and passion made everything look bright.

On the topic of Riesling we really need to sell the last of the 2012 so we can release the 2013 so I can justify to Jas the purchase of the 2014 grapes. Yikes. Lucky Riesling looks good with some bottle age...

Cheers to that.



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